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WWE 2K15

Now this game is a must for all wrestling fans out there. With a brilliant career mode where you start from scratch in the training enviroment and work you way through the ranks from NXT to the big time shows like Smackdown, Main Event and finally reaching Raw in a quest for the ultimate dream. To Be the best of the best! Pit your wits against all the big names including the likes of John Cena, The Big Show, Seth Rollins and many,many, more. Having started with a bog standard superstar you are given the oportunity to train you skills and upgrade your superstar in numerous different ways.

With fully customisable move sets and the create your own walk on you really can make your star uniquly yours. One thing I did enjoy was the ability to save VC (Virtual Currency) and be able to purchase training sessions with your favorite superstar to learn their taunts signature and finishing moves.

The Showcase mode gives you the oportunity to relive the big rivalries of the past with a fun mix of gameplay and cut scenes it re-kindles the emotions of the time. With two avaliable from the base copy and many more are avaliable from the respective platform stores.

The My Universe mode gives you the chance to become your own GM of the WWE Brand. You choose how you want to run the shows and who you want to rule the ring. With a wide variety of match set-ups avaliable for you to help push your superstars towards those big matches and the all important PPV matches. Also giving you the option to play along side the real action each week and ensure the superstar you want to win - to win!

This game really does give you the chance to live the WWE experiance and with fairly good graphics and control systems, we really rate this game highly and would recommend it to everyone.

Now time for the negatives. 

The career mode is great fun and we have spent so many hours on it (robs on his third run through) but it is heavily weighted with Dark and Tune-up matches and not any real rivalries and alliances to be  forged or destroyed. You will find that many hours are spent with a feeling of not a lot really happening. Previous titles have had a good story running through career mode and this is a bit of a step back in this model. Although we haven't won the WWE title the blogs all say that once won you are jumped straight to the end of you career for you final match with no time to defend your titile or push for multiple titles (this is why we have not won the title so we can keep playing). Again we feel that this is a bizzare decision by 2k sports and cuts what is the biggest and best part of any superstars career. 

Although the graphics are exactly what you would expect from next gen (breath taking) you will notice at times a grounded apponent will magicaly move across the mat to be in the perfect position for signature and finisher moves. The online servers seem to be offline more then they are on, making online matches increasingly hard to get. The career says that there is the option for your friends superstars to invade your career, but with the server issues we havent seen this yet.

All that being said the game is still an excellent game that we would highly recomend to all fans, and we would rank this at a solid 9/10 a good game just a few corners cut and overlooked.

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