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Project Cars

Like most next-gen racing games hopes were high for the release of project cars. Early indications were we were up for a real treat. Unfortunately we have seen a real roller coaster of a game with incredible highs and terrible lows. The game features some iconic tracks like Azure (Monaco) Silverstone, Monza and many more. With a hugely varied catalogue of race formulas featuring go-kart's up to Formula A (a F1 type car), street cars, touring, Lmp and more. Graphics and Audio is right on the money for next gen and the cockpit/helmet cam are incredible at making you feel you are in the car. Vehicle control is also vastly improved from previous titles with every car handling differently and presenting unique challenges. The difference in power from formula C-A is huge . We spent many races spinning directly off the line and miss judging braking points when we stepped up from the C-A cars.

The career mode is nicely packaged with you taking control of your future choosing the league you wish to enter, mixed with a social media feed between races providing a fun little touch with messages of support. During the races your race engineer provides you with information and helpful tips. At times he is incredibly frustrating with a seemingly small vocabulary meaning sometimes you are just hearing him say the same thing over and over again. That being said although we feel there is room for improvement this is a improvement on previous race titles we have played.

Online no real surprises. First lap incidents with people who left there brake foot at home are frequent but there are some good clean lobbies and some great fun can be had with wheel to wheel clean action.

Now for the issues as we see them. Pits stops are embarrassingly long and we find we can fill our cars quicker in real life then the game. Its not a rare occurrence to see pit stops edge the 1 minute mark. Add this to that the fact that there is no pit crew. Well a lolly pop man! What ever possessed them to think this was a good idea? Rumour is this may be patched in the future so well shall see what happens in the next patch update.

Long Races equal massive issues with AI basically only pitting for damage regardless of race length. We have had races there would have been no possible way they could have carried enough fuel to last yet they do. Also we have found the mini map and split times to the other cars can go a bit crazy, with cars seemingly jumping across the map and the split going from  seconds to minutes. All we can assume from this is that project cars was designed for short sprint races. If this is the case then why put endurance cars and the Le Mans tracks?

The AI aggression is crazy. You make a clean overtake up the inside and they will turn in to the apex as if your not even there. Every racer will know there are times you have to yield and rethink you next move, the AI seems to be like "This will work or ill just hit you". Blue flags are waved but have no effect if you catch back markers you will have to make a race over take as they appear to not even notice them.

Red light at the pit exit usually means you cant exit the pits but not on project cars the red light is nearly always on. Also the auto controlled exit from the pits on some  tracks will see you drive straight into the wall and then after you've caved the front end in you get manual control back! We have also found that we have been given penalties for exceeding track limits while driving through the pits. There are also many corners that you can clearly cut without being penalised for, a glitch exploited by a lot online.

All in all a good sprint racing simulator with a lot of elements seemingly over looked but  a good online experience a dismally low 6.5/10

and we await the release of F1 2015 to see how the competition stacks up.


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